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Twist & Shape Stepper twisting motion sculpts lower & upper body

This 3-in-1 exerciser features a unique lateral rotation motion to target abdominals, mid-section, and other muscles from different angles. Its vertical step action works the lower body, and resistance arm bands work the upper body. The Twist & Shape stepper is ideal
for those seeking to lose
weight and firm up muscles.

Twist & Shape Stepper In Action
Twist & Shape Stepper Features
  • Twisting action pivots laterally, while working muscles from different angles.
  • Low-impact hydraulic system.
  • Provides both aerobic and muscle-strengthening workouts.
  • Works buttocks, thighs, calves, abdominals, and waist.
  • Detachable resistance arm bands work arms, chest, and shoulders, and more.
  • LCD displays calories burned, repetitions, workout time, repetitions per minute, and scan
    function that cycles through all displays.
Twist and Shape Animation

Abdominals & Obliques get worked with the stepper’s unique side-to-side twisting motion.

Lower Body becomes toned as the vertical step motion works your buttocks, thighs, and calves.

Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps get defined with a variety of different exercises using arm bands.

Chest gets worked by pulling armbands towards the opposite shoulder (e.g., with arms out in front without bending elbows, take right arm and pull towards left and vice-versa for left arm).

The Twist & Shape Stepper's console displays calories burned, repetitions, workout time, reps per minute, and Scan mode. Scan mode shows all displays, one after the other in a con­tinuous cycle.

When you pause or stop the motion, the LCD screen holds your time information until you resume stepping.

A. Non-slip foot pedal

B. Front Stablizer Bar

C. LCD Screen/ Console

D. Base

E. Detachable Arm Strap

F. Arm Strap Clasp

DIMENSIONS 22.2" x 11.6" x 22.4" / 56.5 X 29.5 X 57cm
NET WEIGHT 12.5 kg
MAX USER WEIGHT 113 kg / 250 lbs
LCD AUTO SHUT OFF After 4 minutes of non-use
LCD DISPLAYS Calories burned, repetitions, workout time, reps per minute, and scan mode displays all in a cycle.
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Name Twist & Shaper Stepper
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