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Air Stepper


A major university reported that the Air Stepper's no-nonsense workout beat walking, strength training, Pilates and stationary cycling and running without any pounding impact.

Finally, a workout machine that uses a soft cushion of air to eliminate pounding impact to your joints! The Air Stepper reduces stress and impact even when compared to powerwalking.

The Air Stepper’s advanced, air-powered design eliminates the pounding, jarring impact your body feels when power walking and running.

1. Foot Stepper 4. Bellows
2. Control Panel 5. Arm Belts
3. Adjust Button  
Air Stepper -  Details
Air Stepper - Whole Set
the Air Stepper's built-in Personal Training Computer regulates, tracks and displays your progress as you work out
Tone up and sculpt your hips, buns, thighs, and abs - includes workout DVD
Exciting high energy workout for sleeker, sexier hips, thighs and buns, plus use the Arm Belts to help sculpt a shapely, sexier upper body!
Double the workout in half the time
Cardio workout and toning exercises
Offers a fun and easy way to slim down
Air Stepper - Features
Air Stepper Workout
The Air Stepper uses patented air power technology that creates resistance with every step that you take. Simply pump the bellows of the Air Stepper that are located underneath each of the foot pedals. When you step and walk on the Air Stepper, air moves between one bellow to the other, therefore creating resistance that your whole body will benefit from. And because the Air Stepper uses the power of air, it minimizes the impact and jarring that conventional workout machines would create for your joints and muscles. What that means is that you'll be able to use your Air Stepper for a longer period of time, and not feel tired, sore, and in pain afterwards.

The Air Stepper is the ultimate convenient walking workout machine that will help you burn calories and get fit, all with the power of air!

Now, for that attractive, fit look that people really notice you'll want to develop shapely shoulders. All you have to do is attach the Arm Belts to add resistance to your shoulder raises.
Here's how to target the tricep muscle and help get rid of that nasty wiggle: Keeping your elbows in, pull the Arm Belts up as you bend your elbows. Now straighten your arms, pulling the Arm Belts back and up.
You can also tighten your abs and obliques while carving inches off your waistline by burning fat all over. Use the Arm Bands to give you resistance as you straighten and flex your upper body from side to side while standing.
If you want sculpted thighs, firmer hips and a tighter, lifted derriere, just turn the dial to number 4 or 5 and use the Arm Bands to give you added resistance during your squatting exercises.
"Today marks exactly eight weeks ago that I purchased the Air Stepper, and I have not missed a day yet. A little over three years ago I was rear-ended while driving and now have lots of lower back problems and still do. I can no longer perform high impact workouts. The Air Stepper is perfect for pain, and I can see a steady and gradual all over body shrinkage. I rotate using the four workouts."
— Carol Dickson, MI, USA
"After going through a half dozen metal Mini-Steppers, each of which broke within two months of daily use (the pulley cables snapped), I decided to try the Air Stepper. I have been pleasantly surprised. The plastic bellows system eliminates metal parts, which wear with friction. The step workout is challenging without being exhausting, a good feature because, frankly, if I am working really strenuously and sweating profusely, I tend to tire of a product quite quickly. (I see exercise as a necessary evil, not an endorphin-producing joy.) One caveat: Users need to use the resistance bands in tandem with the stepper. Using the stepper alone, one would need to stay on the device for two hours to burn sufficient calories to make the experience worthwhile. However, the combination of the simultaneous activities produces a very suitable workout."
— Michael Conroy of IL, USA
"I have been using the Air Stepper for only 2 weeks, averaging about 5 days per week with one of 20 minute workout programs, and have dropped one pant size and one notch on my belt. I feel way more energized and flexible than before. I think this product is totally worth the $, just don't pull on the bellows too hard when inflating or they will come off (easily fixable though because they pop right back in). I feel like I'm getting more and more of a sexier body every time I use it... can't wait to see what 3 months of this workout will do - :D"
— Dee of California, USA
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